1. The City Where Theatre Thrives

    September is one of the best months to visit New York City. The temperature is ideal because it sits right between the hot summer days and the brutally cold winter temperatures. When you stay with us here at Hotel Five 44, we know that you’ll be busy experiencing all of the beautiful things that New York has to offer. One of the arts that New York City is most known for is the theater production…Read More

  2. Literary New York City

    2The literary pulse of the nation begins and ends in New York. That's a bold statement but this is a bold place. Holden Caulfield, Jay Gatsby, Dean Moriarty and Michael Corleone have all walked the streets in Manhattan, while staying at Hotel Five44 is possible to walk the same streets as these icons. 20th century literature is alive and well in New York. It is a place that inspires creativity and…Read More

  3. A Unique Culinary Adventure Awaits

    A phenomenon has gripped travelers for the last dozen years, a different kind of adventure that doesn't involve swimming with sharks or anything that risky. All you need for this sort of an expedition is your appetite. Gastro-tourism is becoming a passion for those seeking a new exciting, experience. I like to think of the brave souls who eat at the local fast burger drive-through as the more adve…Read More

  4. Springtime Is On Its Way!

    As February draws to an end, Spring is on its way! With the first day of spring falling on March 20th, now’s the time to start looking to springtime events throughout Manhattan. Here at Hotel Five44, we love spring, and we love the events that happen throughout Manhattan and New York City. If you’re making a visit here to Manhattan this Spring, be sure to check out these events - all of which …Read More

  5. Fascinating NYC Facts Part III

    Today, we’re continuing our blog stream on Manhattan facts - because there are just so many fascinating facts about our ‘little’ island! Check out Hotel Five44’s previous Manhattan blog facts here! And remember, you can call on us to book your upcoming stay here in New York City! November 28th of 2012 Was A Good Day! On November 28th of 2012, police report that not a single violent crime …Read More

  6. Facts About The Island

    Manhattan’s a fascinating island, and one of the most advanced urban centers in the world. That’s why, for today’s blog, we’ll be talking all things Manhattan. So, as presented by Hotel Five44, here are some interesting facts and figures about our little island: Times Square Is A Power Drain With all the advertisements and lighting throughout the area, Times Square takes up a whopping 161 …Read More

  7. Things To Do on The High Line

    Manhattan’s High Line is only a handful of blocks away from Hotel Five44, and along The High Line there’s plenty to do. We’ve gathered a list of attractions you ought to check out while you’re here in Manhattan! Hang Out at the Park Check out the Hudson River Park. You might have guessed, but it’s just off of the Hudson River. Wander over to the park, spread a blanket, and soak up some r…Read More

  8. Pick Up “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton

    If you’re visiting Manhattan for the first time, pick up a copy of Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, or check out his photoblog website: http://www.humansofnewyork.com. Some years ago, Stanton had the idea to photograph some 10,000 people walking around the New York island. His photography, after a bit of experience interacting with his subjects, turned into photography as well as quotes. S…Read More