1. The Highline In Bloom

    The High Line, or High Line Park, is a long walking pathway built atop the old railway that ran much of the length of Manhattan’s west side. The High Line can be accessed in several destinations, including Gansevoort St., 14th St., W. 16th St., W. 18th St., W. 20th St., 23rd St., W. 26th St., W. 28th St., and W. 30th St; which puts the High Line just South of our New York City hotel, Hotel Five4…Read More

  2. Things to Do in a New York City Rain

    If you’re visiting NYC, and you get caught in the rain, don’t fret! Grab an umbrella, hail a taxi, and head out to New York city's numerous indoor treasures. There are plenty of sites to see and things to do, all while the weather settles down. Here are just a few: Head to the Museum(s) New York City has no shortage of museums to explore. Check out the Met Museum, The Museum of the City of New…Read More

  3. Fascinating NYC Facts Part II

    Hotel Five44 loves Manhattan, and we love to host guests visiting our home island. That’s what we do, and it’s what we love to blog about! So for today’s blog, we’ll be continuing our recent thread on facts about the island - so you can learn more about the area around your hotel here in New York City! Also, feel free to check out our last blog for further facts here! The Streets Are Paved…Read More

  4. Free Sights to See in Manhattan

    If you’re visiting Manhattan, you might find yourself incurring some rather large expenses. It’s a sad truth here in New York City... there’s not much to do that’s cheap! Fortunately, there are still plenty of attractions and entertainments that are entirely free! Here are a few must-see sites that won’t break the bank… In fact, they won’t cost you a thing! Here’s a list of free th…Read More