There's plenty to do and see along New York's High Line!A phenomenon has gripped travelers for the last dozen years, a different kind of adventure that doesn’t involve swimming with sharks or anything that risky. All you need for this sort of an expedition is your appetite. Gastro-tourism is becoming a passion for those seeking a new exciting, experience. I like to think of the brave souls who eat at the local fast burger drive-through as the more adventurous eaters but I would be wrong. The best part about being an international hub of entertainment and business, is the fact that Manhattan is home to just about any kind of foodie adventure you could possibly imagine. Hotel Five44 is situated in the ideal location for an unparalleled culinary experience.

Our casual proximity to Times Square means that some of the best restaurants in midtown are steps from our door. It is possible to wake up in one of our Deluxe Queen City View rooms and decide that an Irish breakfast is in order, but it may just require a nap afterwards. Head over to central park and be sure to keep your eye out for food trucks for a bite for lunch or an ice cream cone. The highlight of the evening should be the famed Restaurant Row is mere blocks from the leading Manhattan, New York Hotel, Five44. This slice of international renown is home to some of the finest dining experiences that Manhattan has to offer. To begin your adventure into the food culture of Manhattan, make sure to contact Hotel Five44 and make a reservation today!