Manhattan’s a fascinating island, and one of the most advanced urban centers in the world. That’s why, for today’s blog, we’ll be talking all things Manhattan. So, as presented by Hotel Five44, here are some interesting facts and figures about our little island:

Times Square Is A Power Drain

With all the advertisements and lighting throughout the area, Times Square takes up a whopping 161 megawatts of electricity in a year. That’s enough electricity to power all of Las Vegas’ casinos for a full two years!

Philippe Petit

In 1975, one Philippe Petit crossed the expanse between the two Twin Towers. He did this feat, crossing the 61 meters, on a tightrope his team had rigged atop the towers (some 1,300 feet in the air). This record breaking feat was achieved with a team of helpers who aided in slinging the rope between the buildings. The team utilized a bow and arrow to cross the expanse. After firing the bow just before dawn, the team pulled a strong tightroping rope across the urban ravine. Then Philippe attempted and completed the crossing – which was entirely illegal.

Pizza Vs. Tickets

The average cost of a slice of pizza in Manhattan has steadily mimicked the price of a ride on the subway for some fifty years. Not sure why, it just has.

Galleries Galore

Manhattan is home to lots of modern art galleries… some 200 or more! And that’s just modern art galleries. The Chelsea District is especially full of galleries, and numerous modern artists live and work in the district.