Today, we’re continuing our blog stream on Manhattan facts – because there are just so many fascinating facts about our ‘little’ island! Check out Hotel Five44’s previous Manhattan blog facts here! And remember, you can call on us to book your upcoming stay here in New York City!

November 28th of 2012 Was A Good Day!

On November 28th of 2012, police report that not a single violent crime was committed. It’s unfortunate that that’s an astounding fact, but a giant city simply doesn’t avoid criminal activity often!

The Prices for Vendors & Taxis Is Sky High

Vendors and taxi drivers can pay a pretty penny for their licensing. In fact, some taxi drivers will pay over a million dollars for licensing, while certain vendors have to shell out more than $200,000 to stake claim to a territory. Most of these high price vending areas exist in or around Central Park.

Beware of Fake Buildings

There are a handful of ‘fake’ buildings around New York City. These buildings – disguised as housing – contain Subway infrastructure, including ventilation. In an effort to beautify Manhattan, these structures have been dressed up to mask their tubes and industrial equipment.

Students Galore

New York City is host to numerous college campuses. In fact, there are so many graduate and undergraduate students here in NYC that the populous outnumbers the amount of residents in all of Boston.


Washington Square Park features a graveyard, and this graveyard contains some 20,000 bodies. That’s a lot of bones!