Manhattan’s High Line is only a handful of blocks away from Hotel Five44, and along The High Line there’s plenty to do. We’ve gathered a list of attractions you ought to check out while you’re here in Manhattan!

Hang Out at the Park

Check out the Hudson River Park. You might have guessed, but it’s just off of the Hudson River. Wander over to the park, spread a blanket, and soak up some rays.

Check Out The Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market Passage is open to the public, and it displays one-of-a-kind public works of art. As a matter of fact, free art shows throughout the Chelsea District are constantly changing, so keep an eye out for the entertaining venues.

Chelsea Piers

Take a whack at the Chelsea Piers. Try your hand at golfing, rock climbing, or the batting cages while you’re in the Chelsea District.

Go For Restaurants or Bars

The High Line is mirrored by an ever-growing litany of bars and restaurants to peruse. So whether it’s coffee in the morning, tacos for lunch, or a glass of wine – or beer – at sunset, you’ll have plenty of options.

Check Out the Whitney

The Whitney boasts a world-renowned permanent collection of artwork – and it’s some of America’s finest. Check out works by Warhol, O’Keeffe, and Edward Hopper.

The High Line Itself

The High Line’s got a slew of things to do year round. Check out The High Line’s water feature and “Woodland,” and don’t forget to check out the ever-changing public exhibits and performances that are placed atop The High Line.