Hotel Five44 loves Manhattan, and we love to host guests visiting our home island. That’s what we do, and it’s what we love to blog about! So for today’s blog, we’ll be continuing our recent thread on facts about the island – so you can learn more about the area around your hotel here in New York City! Also, feel free to check out our last blog for further facts here!

The Streets Are Paved With Gold

Okay, the streets aren’t literally paved with gold, but you can find plenty of spare change on the ground here in Manhattan. However, tall tales of America used to state that the streets were paved with gold, and immigrants often sought riches here in New York City. Funny enough, sometimes you can find gold on the ground. A NYC resident spends his time scouring the streets and sidewalks for dropped jewels and jewelry. He states that he can earn more than $600 per day in his odd career!

Mail Your Letters Via Tube

New York City used to be home to an innovative postal tube structure that would launch letters underground to various points around the island. The system operated until 1957, and it could move nearly 100,000 letters in a day! The intricate mail line was some 27 miles long.

Hog Island Is Gone!

In 1893, Hog Island – an island that stood near Manhattan – was wiped from the face of the Earth by a hurricane. Nicholas Coch, a local geology professor at the time, notes that this may have been the first and only recorded incident where an entire island was demolished by a hurricane (it’s now entirely underwater!).