If you’re visiting Manhattan, you might find yourself incurring some rather large expenses. It’s a sad truth here in New York City… there’s not much to do that’s cheap! Fortunately, there are still plenty of attractions and entertainments that are entirely free! Here are a few must-see sites that won’t break the bank… In fact, they won’t cost you a thing! Here’s a list of free things to do in New York – provided by Hotel Five44, your affordable Manhattan hotel!

Brew Tours

Take tours of breweries, and score some free samples! The Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg hosts an enthralling tour of their brewing facilities.

Take The Ferry to Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island is a sight to see! Located just off Manhattan (a whopping seven-minutes-long ferry ride), Governor’s island has foliage and parks aplenty. There’s even Picnic Point – a park area full of picnic tables and hammocks!

Stroll Central Park

If you’re new to New York, you’ve got to visit central park. It’s massive, full of walking paths, people-watching, sculptures, and nature, all in the heart of our goliath city. Find the John Lennon “Imagine” memorial, or hang out for a bit by “The Pond.”

Check Out The Chelsea District

Chelsea’s famous for its gallery crawls. All of Chelsea’s galleries are fairly close, and all access is free. And if you time your expedition right, you might find yourself sampling cheese and wine!

Cruise The High Line

Walk the old railroad tracks that soar 30 feet above New York’s ground level. The old tracks have been revitalized as a beautifully landscaped walking path. Climb up to the track and cruise by gorgeous views the Hudson.

Grab a Book at The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is a massive expanse of square footage and literature. Settle down under high ceilings and fall into a favorite book. The library also offers tours filled with the rich history surrounding the building and its city. Also, search out some of the libraries unique attractions, including: some 431,000 maps, an original Gutenberg Bible, and a copy of The Declaration of Independence.

Check Out the Museum of Modern Art

It’s a busy place when it’s free, but the MOMA does have free-admittance hours on Fridays from four to eight in the evening. See some of the world’s greatest art for free!

Meander Through The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is free on Wednesdays, as well as Saturday mornings from nine ‘til ten. Bask in botanical beauty at this world renowned garden!

Brooklyn Museum on First Saturdays

The first Saturday of every month is free to the public at the Brooklyn Museum! The Brooklyn Museum is massive, with some 560000 square feet of gallery space. It’s New York City’s second largest museum behind the Met (the Metropolitan Museum of Art)… By the way, the Met is pay as you’d like as well!

Check Out the Bronx Zoo on Wednesdays

The Bronx Zoo is full of exotic animals from around the world. The Bronx Zoo has rehabilitation programs for animals, and breeding programs for highly endangered species. Learn a bit about the animal kingdom, and watch animals you won’t find anywhere else in New York!