The High Line, or High Line Park, is a long walking pathway built atop the old railway that ran much of the length of Manhattan’s west side. The High Line can be accessed in several destinations, including Gansevoort St., 14th St., W. 16th St., W. 18th St., W. 20th St., 23rd St., W. 26th St., W. 28th St., and W. 30th St; which puts the High Line just South of our New York City hotel, Hotel Five44.

As winter melts away, it’s time to peruse the highline and watch the blooms. Throughout the seasons, the landscape on the high line experiences the same changes as any natural landscape. The trees and foliage certainly weren’t immune to last winter’s changes, and they’re sure to blossom come spring. Throughout March and April, we’ll experience radical changes in the High Line landscape. Along with natural blooming and springtime growth, the High Line is home to a community of gardeners who dedicate their time to its upkeep. Feel free to check out High Line website: Friends of the High Line to learn more about gardening, donating time or money to the High Line cause, or to adopt a plant!

Again, Hotel Five44 is an excellent place to call home base as you peruse the expanse of the High Line this spring. Check out the blossoms and blooms this spring, or get involved with a pledge to the Friends of the High Line. Book a stay at our High Line-local New York City hotel today!