For today’s blog, we’re continuing our blog stream on Central Park facts. Hotel Five44 is located a mere 14 blocks away from one of America’s greatest parks and the pinnacle of our city’s landscape: New York City’s Central Park.

Sheep in the Park

Sheep Meadow, one of Central Park’s many expansive lawns, was once home to a herd of sheep! It’s true! Up until 1934, a herd of sheep was free to graze on Central Park’s Sheep Meadow lawn. The sheep were penned up at night and released during the day to graze as they pleased.

Lost in the Park?

If you find that you’re lost in the park, don’t fret. Look for the nearest lamp post. Each post is actually a geographical city marker, and their numbers correspond with their location within the city. There are 1,600 lamp posts, each one labeled with a number. And each number denotes the posts location. A post reading 8512, for example, corresponds to 85th street on the east side. The first two numbers relate to the street, the second (being either odd or even) relate to the east or west side of the city.

Fishing Is Legal

Central Park may be a manmade park, but it does have fish! Visitors are allowed to fish in the park, and after receiving an ID from the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, you can set your sights on the park’s many catfish, pumpkinseed, pickerel, crappie, and carp. Just remember, all fish caught must be released!