Central Park is full of history. And it’s that rich history that has been the subject of our previous three blogs. Today, we’re concluding Hotel Five44’s blog stream on the facts, figures, and history that surrounds one of the pinnacles of New York City: Central Park.

Dedicate Yourself

Central Park is home to a huge amount of benches and trees. If you’d like to leave your personal mark on our great city’s greatest park, opt to adopt a bench or endow a park tree. Adopting a bench costs a whopping $10,000, but it funds care for the park. Moreover, endowing a tree aids park staff in maintaining the trees and landscape throughout the park.

Undulating Lines & Curves

Amongst all of the organic undulating lines and curves of the landscape and walkways of Central Park lies one straight line. There’s only one pathway that spans the width of Central Park that is entirely straight. In a shocking juxtaposition from the rest of New York City, Central Park’s designers decided to implement a design whose paths are all curvilinear. All except one!

The Land Under the Lake

A portion of the park was indeed once under water! Up until the 1930s, a large reservoir resided in the same location as modern day Central Park’s Great Lawn. The Great Lawn was built atop debris and rubble that was used to fill in the late Croton Reservoir.