The summer is ticking away faster than it should, well, maybe mom doesn’t feel that way, but the kids are ready to get out and explore. What better way to celebrate the summer than a weekend in the city! New York City has some of the best family activities in the country, and who really wants to take a hot road trip to somewhere like the Grand Canyon? Hotel Five44 is the ultimate family getaway destination. We have clean, comfortable rooms that are ideal for you and your family. So why not make a reservation today and experience the best hotel near Central Park this weekend!

gallery-ctaCentral Park

New York City is one of the best destinations for families wanting a unique experience. The first stop should always be Central Park. The urban vistas of Central Park have been featured in many a film over the park’s almost-160 year history, and the sheer number of amazing family activities available is astounding. There are opportunities to go fishing in the Harlem Meer, have a nice picnic on the great lawn, ride the carousel, and of course take in the Central Park Zoo. The highlight of the zoo for the little ones is the Children’s Zoo. As awesome as it sounds, no, you are not allowed to lock your children in for the afternoon.

Hot Dog Water

This being New York City, savor the abundance of opportunities, but the best thing about this great city is, the hidden gems. Exploring the city is an adventure in itself. From Chinatown to Little Italy and all of the cultural conglomerate in between, certain neighborhoods can feel like a journey to another country. Do not miss the “Crossroads of the World”, Times Square, and take in the glorious media overload that defines this area. Before you retire for the night back at Hotel Five44, be sure to grab a dirty water hot dog and maybe some antacid.