Manhattan's got lots to offer for guests staying at our hotel!New York has an extremely rich artistic history. All of the great practitioners of modern art and literature have made their way through here. The contemporary masters have all faded in and out of the New York experience at one time or another. New York is grouped, along with Paris, as a cultural and artistic nexus. Hotel Five44, located near Times Square, is the ideal place to stay when absorbing the art culture in New York.

Modern Masters

The names that come to mind when discussing the modern masters of the art world are Picasso and Warhol. It is Warhol and his iconic images of pop culture that most will associate with New York: The legendary Studio 54, soup cans, Marilyn Monroe prints and his studio The Factory, all of which are vintage cultural markers. A reminder of creative lightning bolts that occasionally strike the earth, ending up, at one point or another, in New York. The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, has examples from all of the Modern Masters of art. Warhol, Picasso and many others.

Street Art

The concept of street art is much more advanced than most believe. Icons of the craft such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy have used the big apple as their canvas. In the statement-driven vein of Warhol and Picasso, these post-modern masters truly spoke to the city in their time here. Art is everywhere in New York City and discovering new pieces is as easy as walking out of the door at Hotel Five44 and exploring. So call today for your spring/summer art adventure. Hotel Five44, the ideal choice for your New York vacation.