If you’re coming to visit Hotel Five44, you may be visiting New York City for the first time. And first-time visitors simply must check out Central Park. Central Park is the heart of our city, and it provides a delightful retreat from its urban surrounding. If you’ve got a chance, head to Central Park for a visit. Here’s what you can do while you’re in the park!

Check Out The Central Park Zoo

Find the Central Park Zoo on the south side of the park. Take a peek at animals you simply won’t find anywhere else in New York City – or New York State for that matter.

Find Some Sculptures

The park is full of sculptures to find. Look for the Alice in Wonderland sculpture – a large bronze piece. Or look for Balto near the south end of the park. Balto, for those that don’t know, was a legendary dog who rescued children in Alaska by delivering medicine to cure diphtheria. Also, look for the John Lennon memorial entitled Strawberry Fields. It’s near the middle of the park, and it’s part of the walkway.

Visit Wollman Rink (In Winter)

Wollman Rink is a great place to Ice Skate come winter. Once the rink is frozen over, the space is open to the public.

Chill At The Sheep Meadow or The Great Lawn

Sheep Meadow and The Great Lawn are both massive expanses of mowed lawn. There’s plenty of space to spread a blanket for a picnic or toss the frisbee.

Hang Out At The Lake

Take a walk around The Lake at Central Park. The Lake is home to all sorts of birds, and there’s plenty of seating around the entirety of one of Central Park’s large water features.

Check Out The Conservatory Garden

Central Park has a beautiful conservatory garden that’s open to the public. Peruse the glorious flora that the garden has to offer!

Check Out Central Park’s Own Website

If you need more to do while you’re in the park, check out Central Park’s website. They have events and information on everything in the park!