Last time we talked a bit about the NYC music scene. The music in New York City is so diverse that it would literally take hours to properly explore all of the genres and options. The beautiful thing about the music scene in New York City is the fact that it is as much of a melting pot for music as it is for people. Simply walking down the street can yield a brand new musical experience if you open your ears to it. A trip to the mecca of music should not be considered complete without a visit to Hotel Five44 for a truly unique lodging experience. With its casual proximity to Central Park and Times Square, Hotel Five44 is the ultimate destination for exploring the city.


If Latin music is your thing then the abundance of Salsa clubs are easy to find. The pulsating, high-energy dance music of Latin America will have you sweating like it it is the tropics with a smile from ear to ear. You must not forget the food either, the incredible variety of savory Latin cuisine is the perfect compliment to the spicy dance moves.


It may be impossible to grow up watching TV in America and not be familiar with Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Hall is an incredible, diverse venue that is home to concerts and performances. It is considered to be one of the most famous stages in the world. Classical and orchestral music is common in the grand setting of Carnegie so it is a must-see for any music lover.

The diversity of its music is what sets New York City apart from any other place on Earth. Come and celebrate our musical heritage in NYC with a stay at Hotel Five44 and experience the best that we have to offer. Call for a reservation today!