The wedding was magical; the beach was perfect with the setting sun behind it. The bride was a vision in white of  class and beauty. The groom, well, let’s just say he is a unique individual and is now your son-in-law. At least he wore shoes this time. Freshly returned from a destination wedding, you and your wife are looking for an inexpensive yet, comfortable getaway. Just the two of you. Weddings can be a chaotic experience if you are the father of the bride and a trip to New York City and Hotel Five44 is the perfect treat for you and your wife.Manhattan's got lots to offer for guests staying at our hotel!


Destination weddings are fantastic but require a mountain of planning. What is better than a destination wedding? A destination vacation. That’s right, now that you have that charming new son-in-law to look after your baby girl it is time to celebrate, or mourn-could go either way. Hotel Five44 is located in an excellent area that has an amazing array of options available. First of all, Times Square, the center of the known universe. Check out the TV shows that always are shooting there.


Want to see Hamilton? We are mere blocks the Richard Rodgers Theatre and the magic of broadway. Take some time for yourselves and take a bike ride through Central Park, or a trip to Rockefeller Center. No matter what you decide to do Hotel Five44 is the ideal choice for a getaway and you don’t even have to leave the room!