6We all have one, that special woman who tied your shoes, kissed your skinned knee and took your temperature when you were sick. She smelled like Chanel #5 and red wine. Thats right, it’s the most important woman of your childhood, the one who will never judge your bad taste in men. Ok so that might not be true. Yes, it is the lady you can confide in when it seems the whole world is against you. Thats right, like I always say, “If it is not one thing, it’s your mother.”  Remember that Mother’s day is coming and a visit to a New York Hotel might just be the perfect gift.

Love Your Mom

Hotel Five44 is located in casual proximity to Times Square and all of the lights of Broadway. What mother would not love an evening on the town followed by a quiet night in one of our city-view rooms. Consider the gift of a day at the spa, a Broadway show and a cozy, comfortable room at Hotel Five44. Give your mother a special day to remember any time of year!

Mother’s Day

Let’s say your mother-in-law is coming to visit. (Sorry, didnt mean to scare you.) The ideal situation for having your mother-in-law visit is to get her a room near Times Square. Hotel Five44 is the ideal place to send her because she will appreciate the warm class that defines us. Who knows, she may want to stay at Hotel Five44 whenever she comes to visit! Book now for mother’s day!