1. Active Travel in New York

    A while back we talked about biking in New York; well, May just happens to be bike month here in the city. What an ideal time to consider a vacation to Hotel Five44. Our proximity to the biking mecca of Central Park is ideal for enjoying some time in the city for bike month. We offer room options that will work for any length of stay. Consider the wonders of Central Park and the gorgeous weather t…Read More

  2. Get On Your Bike And Ride!

      The bicycle revolution has taken over America! Ok, maybe not, but if you are the kind of person who brings their bicycle on vacation, Hotel Five44 is the ideal place to stay. One of the best kept secrets about New York City is its vibrant cycling culture, particularly in Central Park. Our proximity to Central Park make Hotel Five44 the perfect destination for a weekend of cycling or just relaxi…Read More

  3. A Unique Culinary Adventure Awaits

    A phenomenon has gripped travelers for the last dozen years, a different kind of adventure that doesn't involve swimming with sharks or anything that risky. All you need for this sort of an expedition is your appetite. Gastro-tourism is becoming a passion for those seeking a new exciting, experience. I like to think of the brave souls who eat at the local fast burger drive-through as the more adve…Read More

  4. The Highline In Bloom

    The High Line, or High Line Park, is a long walking pathway built atop the old railway that ran much of the length of Manhattan’s west side. The High Line can be accessed in several destinations, including Gansevoort St., 14th St., W. 16th St., W. 18th St., W. 20th St., 23rd St., W. 26th St., W. 28th St., and W. 30th St; which puts the High Line just South of our New York City hotel, Hotel Five4…Read More

  5. Springtime Is On Its Way!

    As February draws to an end, Spring is on its way! With the first day of spring falling on March 20th, now’s the time to start looking to springtime events throughout Manhattan. Here at Hotel Five44, we love spring, and we love the events that happen throughout Manhattan and New York City. If you’re making a visit here to Manhattan this Spring, be sure to check out these events - all of which …Read More

  6. Facts About Central Park Part IV

    Central Park is full of history. And it’s that rich history that has been the subject of our previous three blogs. Today, we’re concluding Hotel Five44’s blog stream on the facts, figures, and history that surrounds one of the pinnacles of New York City: Central Park. Dedicate Yourself Central Park is home to a huge amount of benches and trees. If you’d like to leave your personal mark on …Read More

  7. Facts About Central Park Part III

    For today’s blog, we’re continuing our blog stream on Central Park facts. Hotel Five44 is located a mere 14 blocks away from one of America’s greatest parks and the pinnacle of our city’s landscape: New York City’s Central Park. Sheep in the Park Sheep Meadow, one of Central Park’s many expansive lawns, was once home to a herd of sheep! It’s true! Up until 1934, a herd of sheep was f…Read More

  8. Facts About Central Park Part II

    In our last blog, we began discussing Central Park and the fascinating facts behind one of New York City’s greatest monuments; and today, we’ll be continuing our blog stream. So without further ado - and as presented by Hotel Five44 (your local New York City hotel) - here are facts you may not have known about Central Park: Sculptures Abound New York City’s Central Park is home to numerous s…Read More

  9. Facts About Central Park Part I

    Central Park is one of New York City’s premier attractions. Not only is the full of events and activities every day of the year, it’s also one of the world’s largest urban parks. It’s what makes New York City unique, and it adds to the vast slew of reasons why New York City is the best city in the world. Central Park is only 14 blocks away from our New York City Hotel, and we’re proud to…Read More

  10. Facts About Times Square

    Hotel Five44 is only a few blocks from New York’s famous Times Square. Times Square is best known for the New Year’s Eve ball drop at midnight, but there are plenty of other attractions that keep folks flocking to Times Square. That’s why we’re here today to talk about a few of Times Square’s best attractions and some facts surrounding one of New York’s most monumental intersections. W…Read More